Lactate analyzers

Lactate Scout Sport is a simple and reliable lactate meter that can be used during any kind of sports training. With the lactic acid meter, it is easy and quick to measure the lactic acid level during exercise.

Results are obtained in 10 seconds and only a small drop of blood on a strip is needed to perform the measurement in the lactic acid meter. Bluetooth is integrated and the device can be connected to heart rate monitors and smart devices. The last 500 measurements can be stored.

Lactic acid measurements are important in sports. When exercising hard, the body produces lactic acid faster than it can be broken down and removed from the bloodstream. This leads to a build-up of lactic acid in the bloodstream.

A lactic acid meter is therefore useful in aerobic training and exercises for the cardiovascular system, to increase endurance without overtraining. Lactic acid is a source of energy and is broken down by muscle cells. Good training aims to achieve a balance of lactic acid production, a balance between the production and breakdown of lactic acid.

Easy lactic acid measurements in 3 steps:

The Biosen series from EKF Diagnostics is the leader in lactic acid and glucose monitoring for athletes. This is a premium solution for sports organizations and professional sports teams.

Accurate measurement is performed with a single test and the device is easy to use. Results are obtained in 20-45 seconds and up to 120 analyzes can be performed per hour.

Biosen uses special chip sensor technology to deliver measurements quickly and with high accuracy. Due to the good service life of the sensor chip, the system requires little maintenance.

Easy glucose and lactic acid measurements in 3 steps: