LYRA’s team

Good teamwork and cohesion is a key element in teamwork at LYRA. Along with TEAM-LYRA, the group is divided into their own team, national team or other football teams as fans, who support their teams with joy and pleasure.

Sometimes the weekend’s games are discussed in the cafeteria, where staff share excitement, joy, losses, wins and all that comes with being part of a team. At LYRA, we don’t just work together, we build empathy and cohesion that strengthens LYRA’s staff as a team.

TEAM-LYRA is an indoor “national team” in joy and work. We work together towards the company’s goals, where a common challenge and satisfaction is shared when goals are achieved.

Such is life in a team. Whether in the workplace, in soccer or in other sports, teamwork is key, along with having fun together and having good and fun times.

LYRA's staff

Back row
Björgvin Sveinsson (Chelsea F.C.), Radoslaw Mateusz Solarski (Holland National), Konrad Krzysztofiak (Poland National), Maciej Krzysztof Zimoch (Poland National), Piotr Cyganik (Real Madrid C.F.), Guðmundur Arnar Jónsson (Liverpool F.C.)

Front row
Emma Victorsdóttir (Arsenal F.C.), Sunna Helgadóttir (Liverpool F.C.), Guðbjartur Örn Gunnarsson (Newcastle United), Höskuldur Höskuldsson (Leeds United), Guðmundur Marías Jensson (Manchester United), Gunnar Leví Haraldsson (Sunderland A.)